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        Cartoon about searching

        Search ID: abr0212

        Too many results? Too few? Take a minute to learn how to use our 'Advanced Search' box and we'll take you to an ideal cartoon in the quickest possible time.

        All our cartoons are tagged with around 50 words relating to possible themes. We have A LOT of cartoons so be as specific as you can when searching via tags. For example 'Dog' will bring up a whole bunch of wonderful dog cartoons but you may want to narrow it a bit. By adding another search term - 'bite' or 'puppy' or 'homework' - you'll get something closer to what you need, quicker.

        We also tag cartoons with words relating to their use. So, if you're doing a presentation on 'motivating employees' say, or 'increasing productivity in the work place', type in 'motivation' or 'productivity' and you'll get targeted results.

        In the 'Advanced Search' box you have the option of excluding tags from your search. Dead helpful when you want a cartoon about something like 'talking a lot of hot air' but are getting too many 'hot air balloon' jokes. Put 'balloon' in the 'Do not include:' box and problem solved.


        If you find your tags are delivering irrelevant cartoons you may need to specify the category; it's no good looking at all the 'bull' and 'bear' jokes in our database when what you want is a comment on the stock market. We have nearly 50 categories to narrow it down.

        Or maybe you're not exactly sure what you're looking for? Just wanted to make your document dazzle or spice up your sales-pitch with a humorous touch? No problem. Our categories give you a broader search to get your creative juices flowing. Pick from nearly 50 categories. The results will be many but we're sure you'll get inspired. When you get an idea you can filter the search by adding a keyword or two; then sit back and enjoy until you locate the ideal gag.


        We have such a variety of Cartoon styles on the site, that we split all of our cartoons into three main collections:


        Topical cartoons illustrating all the latest news items worldwide. New cartoons, by top artists, are being uploaded constantly.


        Search by Color or Orientation Filter your search to give more relevant results by stating whether your project would suit a 'black & white' or 'color' image better, or whether the orientation should be 'portrait' (tall and thin) or 'landscape' (short and fat).

        Sorting the results

        After you've got your results you can also sort them to make your selection task even easier.

        'Best Match' gives you the most relevant matches first.

        'Best Sellers' allows you to sort results in order of our best selling cartoons.

        'Upload Date' gives you the newest cartoons added to the site.