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        Question time cartoon

        Search ID: jdon320

        1. How do I download cartoons?

        2. What are Credits?

        3. What is CartoonStock?

        4. Can I use any of your images free of charge?

        5. How much does it cost to use an image?

        6. How long will it take to receive an image?

        7. The images on the CartoonStock website seem relatively low quality - when I buy an image will it be better quality?

        8. I want to use one of your cartoons in a class and I am based in the USA - how would I go about this?

        9. I want to use one of your cartoons in a class and I am based outside the USA - how would I go about this?

        10. I want to use one of your cartoons on my social networking site or in forum posts - is this possible?

        11. I want to use one of your cartoons in a presentation - which license should I select?

        12. I want to use your cartoons in a publication - which license should I select?

        13. I am a cartoonist, how do I sell my work through CartoonStock?

        东方视点14. Why can't I download my cartoons?

        15. My payment failed - what should I do?

        16. How do I get an artist to create bespoke work for me?

        17. Do you accept payment in US Dollars, Euros or other currencies?

        18. Why is my shopping basket not working?

        19. What are Lightboxes?

        20. Why have I been contacted by PicRights?


        If you plan to buy cartoons from CartoonStock regularly then credits are the cheapest option and provide a quick and easy experience once you've set up an account. Please see our credits page for more information on what credits are and how to purchase a credits bundle.

        However if you just want to buy one cartoon, our Instant Download option allows you to download image for a one-time fee without the need to sign up or commit to a credits bundle.