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        'In case you haven't notices, I'm not a parrot, ironically, however, I could really go for a saltine right about now.'

        Cartoonist: Duffy, J. C.   Search ID: jdf121008   High-Res: 3000 x 987 px

        Licensing Restriction
        Editorial Use Only - Use in advertising, promotional material and merchandise may be prohibited in your location.

        Usage in the following countries and regions may be restricted: Africa, Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Middle East, Pakistan, Scandinavia, Turkey. Usage in the following categories is prohibited: Greetings Cards, Newspapers, non-editorial uses (including marketing, advertising, merchandise, book and magazine covers).

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        Cartoon Information

        Duffy, J. C. - view all
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        Upload date:
        27 Aug 2013